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Adopt a family for the holidays

The holidays introduce yet other stressors as families struggle to meet the expectations created by a commercialized society that emphasizes material possessions as the ideal expression of familial care. For many of the families we serve, simple things like satisfying a request for a specific toy requires a balancing of absolute priorities such as food and rent against the expectation of a child to receive a toy for Christmas. For most of us, the issue is not purchasing a toy, but rather how many to buy.  However, for these families, the issue is having the resources to do anything at all. All of our efforts with these families are focused on preventing them from becoming homeless. 

Aside from parenting support services and metal health counseling, it is not unusual for us to assist families with rent payments, food, and clothing on a temporary basis until their situation can improve. Providing resources to help with gift giving and other items to make the season memorable offers a great relief to those struggling during the holidays. What we are able to do for them is greatly appreciated and received as an assurance that they count on us to get them through a challenging period. However, we would be unable to provide such outreach without the generous support of our donor community.

This year, Alisa and her five grandchlidren are typical of the families that need help.  Alisa is taking care of her grandchildren, ranging in age of 14 to 5, because her daughter is a drug addict and cannot care for them.  Alisa has fought hard to keep the children out of foster care, and she has been successful, with the help of Hillsides Resource Center.  Now Alisa is facing the holidays without any extra money to give her grandchildren a happy Christmas.  Her grandchildren have been through so much, and she is hoping to be able to provide them with a holiday dinner and gifts that will restore some of their hope and bring them comfort and joy during the holidays.

We ask you to consider adopting one such family as we support them during this holiday season.  This year, we hope to meet the needs of 100 families.  To adopt a family, please contact Stephanie Lopez at or 323-254-2274, ext. 1258. 

For those wishing to support a family yet do not have time to go shopping, you can donate per member of a family or a family of four below:

I'd like to donate $100 for a family member!

I'd like to donate $400 for a family of four!

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