Hillsides Campus Security & Safety Project Gains Momentum with Two Most Recent Grants

(PASADENA, CA) Hillsides is pleased to announce it has received two new grants for its Campus Security & Safety Project: a $25,000 grant from the Pasadena Community Foundation and a $25,000 grant from the Patron Saints Foundation.

The Pasadena Community Foundation provides grants that improve and enrich the lives of people in the greater Pasadena area through funds raised solely by those who live and work in Pasadena.  The Patron Saints Foundation works to improve the health of individuals residing in the West San Gabriel Valley through grants to health care programs consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

 “We are tremendously thankful for all of the community support we have received in making Hillsides a more secure space where the children’s well-being comes first,” said Joseph M. Costa, Hillsides chief executive officer.  He added that the Pasadena Community Foundation and the Patron Saints Foundation join the other generous contributors to this project, which include the Schow Family Foundation with a grant of $25,000, the Leslie & Elaine Hoffman Foundation with a grant of $5,000, the Lon V. Smith Foundation with a grant of $3,000, and the Charitable Foundation with a grant of $2,500.

 “Their support will help ensure the continued safety of the 850 children per year who receive services on our main campus in Pasadena and the 250 on-site professionals who are committed to their care,” he said.    

Hillsides 17-acre main campus, located in Pasadena, is the agency’s headquarters and home to the residential treatment program for children who cannot live at home, a therapeutic K-12 school, and outpatient treatment services. The Campus Security & Safety Project will modernize the campus’ security measures as is consistent with the needs of a large, nationally accredited behavioral health and acute care provider. 

 “Although no one wants to anticipate tragedy, Hillsides must prepare for and mitigate any foreseeable threat that could compromise the children’s safety—be it a destructive earthquake, an unauthorized vehicle, or a dangerous stranger on campus,” said Costa. 

The campus safety plan will create attractive rod-iron security fencing on upper campus to ensure no unauthorized persons or cars enter and that no children leave without permission. A new alert system now instantly notifies staff where to report in case of an emergency on campus.  Security cameras and lighting will be installed as extra measures.  All exterior doors will be fitted with digital key-card access systems, and in the final phase of the project, a security kiosk will be installed at the main campus driveway.  Hillsides will also update its disaster preparations in case of a fire or earthquake, including additional back-up generators on campus and disaster emergency training.    

Construction has now just begun on the project and will continue into the summer as funding becomes available.

Hillsides is a premier provider dedicated to improving the overall well-being and functioning of vulnerable children, youth, and families throughout Los Angeles County.  For more information, please visit


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