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Planned Giving

Chet Buker

"The longest job I ever had was at Hillsides as a volunteer," said Chet Buker, who repaired children's bicycles for 18 years. An Episcopalian, Chet heard about Hillsides through St. James Church in South Pasadena where he read about the need for a bike mechanic. As an avid bicyclist, Chet has also broken every part of his bike at least twice so he was well-equipped for the position.

"If you can help one or two children, that's wonderful!" said Chet, who also recalled the bike rides with the children to the beach. "It's important to do something to help more than I did before, and that's why I included Hillsides in my trust."

Richard and Amina Linn

As a manicurist, Amina Linn first met her client, Mary Dee Hacker, twenty years ago. After several conversations about Hillsides, Mary Dee, who is a Hillsides’ board member, invited Amina and her husband, Richard, to Hillsides’ annual benefit. “We love getting dressed up and bringing friends to the gala,” said Amina, adding that they have been contributing to Hillsides for nearly a decade.

Having experienced a tough childhood, "I can relate to what is happening at Hillsides. People that were very special in my life stepped up to take me away from my situation and opened some doors that I could peek into that changed my life," said Amina. "I feel that we are very lucky. Not rich by any means. We have some extra money so why not include Hillsides in our will? It makes me feel good to give back in honor of those people that helped me."

The motivation to give to Hillsides differs for Richard. He believes that so many organizations allocate fundraising dollars towards the bureaucracy of operating the charity. “With Hillsides, you can participate and raise money that actually goes to help children and the goals and the objectives of Hillsides.”

Cathy and Barry Sedlik

Upon moving to Pasadena, Cathy Sedlik quickly became involved in the Hillsides Guild, a volunteer support group for Hillsides. "I like all the people, and the work the Guild does to raise money is noble." From helping to renovate the kitchen to hosting children's outings, the Guild has become part of Cathy's philanthropic activities. She's also been involved in board committees and has jumped right in to plan the Rainbow Society and Legacy Society Recognition Dinner, an event for major donors.

Cathy and her husband, Barry, have attended many events in San Gabriel Valley and by far, Cathy says, Hillsides is a solid group with a great track record of helping children since 1913. "We've been impressed with the leadership and the administration’s commitment to put kids first."

"We don't have any children of our own. Leaving a percentage of our estate to Hillsides is a good way to be remembered and to help children by giving them a break any way we can," said Cathy. "Putting Hillsides in our will helps to make a better life for children who have had traumatic childhoods and gets them back on their feet to have hope for their future."

Hillsides offers various ways for you to ensure our more than one hundred years of compassionate care continue for vulnerable children and their families. Here are a few you can choose from:

Appreciated Property
Earn a significant income tax deduction while avoiding capital gains taxes with a gift to Hillsides of appreciated securities or real property.

Retain full control and use of your property during your lifetime and reduce your taxable estate by listing Hillsides in your will or living trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust
Consider an irrevocable gift of appreciated assets that pays income to you and your beneficiaries and allows you to reduce your taxable estate.

Retained Life Estate
Lower your taxable estate and enjoy a current tax deduction by giving Hillsides full or partial interest in your home while residing in it for as long as you choose.

Retirement Plan
Hillsides as the beneficiary of your retirement account such as a 401(k) or IRA and reduce your taxable estate.


Hillsides’ Chief Advancement Officer, Carrie Espinoza, welcomes your inquiries on any of these topics at or (323) 543-2800, ext. 12221.

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